Encounter #15: Another Tableland Tiger?

“it was the size of a dog with sloping hindquarters and dark stripes over its haunches”

Striped Tiger Sighting – Atherton Tablelands – QLD

Year: Late 1970/Early 1980

Location: Herberton Range National Park

Environment: Rainforest with areas of cleared farmland.

Witness describes an encounter that occurred about 40 to 45 years ago while travelling near the Hypipamee crater in the late afternoon just before dusk. The witness had just driven past the crater turnoff and somewhere near the turnoff to Kaban Rd when she saw a strange looking animal on the left hand side of the road. The witness described that the animal appeared to be moving towards thick scrub on the roadside but had stopped to look at the approaching car.

The witness states :

it was the size of a dog with sloping hindquarters and dark stripes over its haunches which were lower than its shoulders. Its tail was thicker at the base and it had a very flattish head with smaller ears

I remember thinking what the hell was that? Because I grew up in New Zealand, moving here when I was 17 years old. I really didn’t know anything about the Tasmanian Tiger, but later on thought the animal I had seen was very much like that

Nobody really believed me when I spoke of it, so over the years I forgot about the encounter until seeing some posts of early sightings on the Tablelands. They all sounded similar to my experience.

When the car approached the animal moved off into the undergrowth.

It was standing still when I first saw it but it moved off stealthily, with no wasted movements

As a further note, this encounter occurred in a very close proximity to the sighting described in Encounter #14.

Striped Tiger Sighting – Herberton Range National Park. (Source: OpenStreetMap.org)

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