Hold that Tiger – By Lennie Wallace

“He saw a ‘cat-like creature’, tawny in colour with vertical dark stripes along it’s body”

Marsupial Tiger sighting near mareeba – (from “Hold that tiger”, by lennie wallace, 2004)

The fabulous publication entitled “Hold that Tiger” by Lennie Wallace is a rare find for those interested in the topic of Marsupial Tiger sightings in North Queensland. Published in 1998 by “A Robyn’s Nest Production”, ‘Hold that Tiger’ is short but interesting collection of sightings and encounters with the legendary Striped Tiger of the North. Definitely worth a read if you can track down a copy.

A small excerpt from the book detailing a sighting in Mareeba, QLD.

“This report stirred the memory of Bill Kimmins of Cairns who had grown up around Mareeba. He wrote in the April Northern Sun (1998) about an experience he’d had as a lad when he was out ‘roo-shooting on the old Mareeba goldfield’. It was about 1930. He saw a ‘cat-like creature’, tawny in colour with dark vertical stripes along its body. He had never previously seen anything like it and estimated its length to have been at least 180 cms. He fired a shot, but in his excited state he missed. Unhurriedly, the animal turned and disappeared, ‘loping’ rather than running.”

Wallace, Lennie. Hold That Tiger, A Robyn’s Nest Production, 2004.

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