Encounter #14: Thylacine encounter on the Atherton Tablelands

“it had stripes on its back that were about two fingers wide”

Thylacine Sighting – Near Ravenshoe – QLD

Year: 2002

Location: Kaban Rd turnoff from Tumoulin Rd. Tumoulin State Forest.

Environment: Bush/Rainforest with cleared paddock areas.

Two witnesses were travelling from Atherton to Ravenshoe at night. As they past the Kaban turn-off, moving right to left across the road they saw a medium dog sized animal. It was a fawn/sandy color, had a long body that sloped downwards towards the rump end. It walked a bit like a lion with a wobble at the back end. It had stripes on its back that were about two fingers wide.

It crossed the road, stopped in a small gully beside the road and looked at the witnesses passing by in there car.

Passengers could not believe what they had just seen, and both remarked that we just saw a Thylacine (Tasmanian Tiger).

One witness went back to the area on following nights in hope to see it again but with no luck. (Report Credit: Rod Simpson)

Kaban Rd turnoff near Ravenshoe QLD. (Source: OpenStreetMap.org)

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