Encounter #16: The Bundaberg Yowie

“He remembered he could smell it, and it smelled like a rotting animal”


The following encounter comes from the Bundaberg area (year unknown) and is a second hand account of two men’s frightening encounter retold by a former work colleague. I provide the encounter details in the colleagues’ own words.

“My old supervisor from around 2010-2013 was fly in fly out from Bundaberg. He was born there and lived there his whole life, so at that stage over 40 years. He was working as a fitter for a trucking company, but when they had no scheduled or breakdown maintenance while they were on shift they would often jump in with the truckies and go out for a run to pick up the loaded trailers of sugar cane and bring back to town.

During the first half of one night they cleared an entire field worth of trailers and had to return back to the property at around 2 am to collect one final trailer. The driver after connecting decided he need to go for a shit, which he was well prepped for. He carried a modified milk crate and toilet paper. He grabs his crate and trusty old dolphin torch and went about 40 m from the truck. On the way in, head lights showed nothing but open fields for as far as the eye could see except in one direction which was along a heavy tree line. From memory I think the tree line was about 1.5 km from them.

He was sitting in the dark going about his business as usual when he could hear something approaching him in the dark. As a seasoned driver who had never had an unusual encounter in the area, he assumed it was a pig. So he sat quietly waiting until it was close in an attempt to then scare it by jumping up and shining the torch on it. Well as he did he then seen right in front of him, not a pig, but a haired creature that was human like and he screamed and fell back and landed on his ass. As he went down he could recall how tall it was. It made some type of growl noise and began to run for the tree line. He ran back to the prime mover, jumped in and they swung it until the lights where shining in the direction it ran. As the lights hit it ,the creature would bounce from left to right avoiding the light before it hit the cover of the tree line.

My old supervisor said he was in shock by what he had seen and didn’t know what was going on. He was just sitting in the cab waiting for old mate to return. He said the distance it covered in the time it covered and its ability to jump out of the spotlights was not right. It was covering huge distances every bound. They sat for 20 minutes in silence. as they sort of were in shock. They they decided to head back into Bundaberg or where it is the trailers are delivered and still didn’t talk about it. It wasn’t until the following night shift that they spoke of the encounter. The driver recalls being so unexpected of the situation that as it first happened he was already in shock.

It wasn’t until later the following day he started to recall how it all happened. His biggest memories were the hair, the height, and once he had recalled that he remembered he could smell it and it smelled like a rotting animal. My supervisor said before it hit the tree line there was no way any animal we know of could run like it was, how fast it was. He recalls it being dark brown and tall. He also did hear the the same growl noise as it was startled but did not hear his mate the driver scream over the running prime mover engine.

Bundaberg – Queensland – (Source: OpenStreetMap.org)

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