Encounter #3: Alligators Nest – QLD

the smell was like old composted grass clippings

Yowie sighting – Alligators nest – qld

Year: 2001

Locations: Near Alligators Nest Swimming Hole. Near Tully QLD.

Time: Afternoon (4.30 – 5.30 pm)

Environment: Road through Rainforest

Witness was 17 years old at the time. He was riding his bike up past Alligators Nest (popular swimming spot), past the Boom-gate and about 4-5 kms up to the water intake. He sat down and had a smoke and then got back on his bike and headed back down. About half the way back down he glimpsed at the side of the track a big ‘thing’ in what he initially thought was dressed in camouflage. He put the brakes on his bike and stopped about 30 metres past and looked up. It was then that a 7 to 8 foot creature on 2 legs stepped onto the track and looked at him. Witness describes the animal as huge, with wide shoulders, it had grass, mud and sticks matted in its hair. He describes the head as being big and out of proportion with its eyes and mouth which seemed small. The smell was like old composted grass-clipping. The witness quickly mounted his bike and got out of there. He states that he has never been back since due to how much it scared him. He was in disbelief of what he saw. (Report Credit: Rod Simpson)

Alligators Nest (Photo Credit: Korkut Tas)

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