Encounter #2: Ravenshoe, QLD

These footprints were 18 inches long, they contained 4 toes on each foot

Yowie encounter – near ravenshoe – qld

Year: 2002

Location: Ravenshoe, QLD, Near Sutties Gap Rd.

Time: Evening

Environment: Farmland edging on rainforest

Observed: Encounter was relayed second hand by friend of the witness. The person whom had the visit did not want to talk. Friend states that in 2002 at night, the original witness heard what she thought were horses galloping around her house. In the morning she went outside and found a number of muddy footprints around her place. These footprints were 18 inches long, they contained 4 toes on each foot. She felt that there were more than one animal involved. Witness showed her friend a plaster cast she had made of one of the footprints. Her friend told me that the big toe of whatever made these prints was unusually huge, almost out of proportion to the other toes shown on the plaster cast. (Report Credit: Rod Simpson)

Suttie’s Gap Road, near Ravenshoe QLD (Image: OpenStreetMap)

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