Historical Account #1: The Wild Man of Snowball

The boy was startled by the extraordinary sight of a wild man or gorilla

Historical yowie sighting – Goulburn evening penny post – 1st December 1894

This is one of hopefully many historical Australian accounts of strange or unknown animals documented in historical newspapers since early colonial times that I would like to share with readers. These accounts provide an interesting insight into the attitude and style of early reporting of encounters with strange and wonderful beasts of the Australian bush. They also provide surprisingly consistent accounts and descriptions of many of the strange animals that are still encountered today.

This article was reported in the Goulburn Evening Penny Post on the 1st December 1894 in the vicinity of Snowball, NSW, located between what is now the Deua and Gourock National Parks. A young Johnnie McWilliams, described as a truthful and manly young fellow, encounters a heavily built hairy bipedal creature while riding to the Jinden post office on horseback.

Goulburn Evening Penny Post – 1st Dec 1894 (Source: trove.nla.gov.au)
Snowball – NSW (Credit: OpenStreetMap.org)

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