Encounter #13 Panther sighting at Teebar Creek

“it was then that they realised that what they thought was a dog was actually a very big black cat.”

Big Cat Sighting – Teebar Creek – QLD

Year: 1999

Location: Teebar Creek – QLD

Environment: Rainforest/bush on the edge of shoreline.

Witnesses involved in this encounter were a couple who were on a house boat that they had hired out for a few days. They had ventured up the Teebar Creek a small way and had moored there for the night. The next morning at about 9.30am they were on the deck having breakfast when about 20 metres away on the shoreline walking directly towards them through rainforest scrub was what they initially thought was a big black dog. The animal then turned side on to them when it had come onto the shoreline, and it was then that they realised that what they thought was a dog was actually a very big black cat. They witnessed this animal for 15-20 seconds. The animal looked at them, flicked the tip of its tail, but otherwise was unperturbed by their presence. It then leaped onto a rock about 1 metre high, then leaped on another about 2 metres high and then disappeared into the bush.

Both witnesses state that this was “too big to be a feral cat“. “It had a very long tail, about 1.5 metres long and the fur was black which shined in the sunshine“. The animal was also said to possess “a large cat-like head” and was “slim, with an arched back, and moved smoothly” The word that came to both witnesses was “a panther“.

Both witnesses described that they were dumbstruck by what they had both seen, and have only told a couple of people of this encounter. (Report Credit: Rod Simpson)

Teebar Creek – QLD (Source: OpenStreetMap.org)

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