Encounter #7: Tales of the Thylacine.

“he went back with his father and had a look in the bush for whatever it was he had shot and found a dead thylacine”

Thylacine Sighting – – North queensland

The following are accounts from a witness who had recorded stories over many years of suspected Thylacine sightings across North Queensland.

Year: 1960s-1970s

Locations: Cardwell, Tully and Ingham areas.

Environments: Rainforest and dry woodland areas.

Account forwarded from a witness that a good and honest friend of his had a sighting in the late 60s with another timber worker in Mt Bartle Frere area. They were walking along a track in the early morning, looking for trees to cut when 50 yards or so up ahead they saw a ‘thylacine’ come out from under a big rock and step out onto the track. The animal stopped and stared at them and snarled at them similar to the way a cat does, then silently walked into the bush. They described the animal as being “the size of an Alsatian dog, it had stripes on its hindquarters, a thin long tail, small ears and piercing eyes”. They had no doubt that they had just seen a Thylacine and decided to keep it to themselves because they knew that no one would believe them. The old ranger said that his mate was honest almost to a fault.

Ranger also had stories of the thylacine being shot in the range near Mackay, another being shot up at Paluma, and that the animal skin hung in a local shop for a number of years. He also knows of a truck driver whom saw a thylacine near Mt Fox and whom signed a document supporting the fact. A friend of his when he was young (almost 60 yrs ago) had a close encounter with one on Jarrah Creek Rd (near Tully). Also a friend in the 60s was hunting wild turkey with his small dog when his dog bailed something up in the bush. He sent his dog in to get it, thinking it was a turkey, but whatever it was attacked his dog. He called the dog back and shot at whatever it was in the bush. He believed he had hit the animal. A week later he went back with his father and had a look in the bush for whatever it was he had shot and found a dead thylacine. (Report Credit: Rod Simpson)

Thylacine sightings across North Queensland (Source: OpenStreetMap.org)

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