Encounter #6: Cape Tribulation

“very pronounced darker stripes running along its back and side”

Thylacine encounter – cape tribulation area – qld

Year: Early 1970s

Location: Cape Tribulation Area

Environment: Cleared land on edge of rainforest

Witness stated that he was with his son and a couple of their hunting dogs on their property in Cape Tribulation when they noticed an animal 100 yards away eating mangoes under one of their mango trees. Witness described the animal as “the size of a dingo, a “lightish” dark brown colour with very pronounced darker stripes running along its back and side“. It was a long, slender animal. It had small ears and a short slim tail.

His dogs ran after it and caught up with it easily but did not touch the animal which surprised the witness as his dogs were hunting dogs. Witness stated that “the animal sort of bounded along, not like a dogs running style“. (Report Credit: Rod Simpson)

Cape Tribulation – QLD (Source: OpenStreetMap.org)

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