Encounter #10: Strange animal near Millaa Millaa

“described it as stripy with a strange tapering tail different to a dogs”

Strange animal sighting – near millaa millaa QLD.

What I find intersting about the features of this animal is the very “marsupial like” description of the tail which, in addition to the stripes, is often reported in these areas.

Year: Estimated between 1982 and 1984.

Location: Rural property on Theresa Creek Road – near Millaa Millia – QLD.

Environment: Farmland, close to dense forest.

The following account was given to me by a former Atherton Tablelands resident. The resident was delivering a water trough to a land owner off Theresa Creek Road situated north of the township of Millaa Millaa. Upon arriving at the property, the farmer’s wife told him that her husband was down in the paddock chasing this “half dog thing” away from his weaners. The wife told him to go down the paddock on a bike to see the farmer. Upon meeting the farmer and his brother, the resident was told details of an animal that had been killing stock on the property. He also got the impression that this was not the first time this strange animal had attacked their livestock. It was said the animal looked like “a cross between a dingo and a bull terrier” and further described as “stripy with a strange tapering tail different to a dogs“. It was noted the animal appeared to exhibit a strange hopping/running style when it moved.

This was also not the only time this resident encountered descriptions of this animal and described a case involving tourists who claimed they encountered “tigers with funny shaped tails, hopping/funny running across the road” while on a trip to Cooktown which was published in the Cairns Post. He also claimed that he has heard the same description since from various famers in the areas of Millaa Millaa, Butchers Creek, North Johnston and Boonjie. He also had a farmer from Butchers creek show him a calf that was killed and eaten through a small hole in its side. The farmer did not claim to see the animal, though said that the manner in which the calf was killed was not consistent with animals such as dingoes, who were known to tear the animal open and not eat the gut of the animal with such precision.

Thylacine with characteristic tapering tail.
Tail of the Spotted-tailed Quoll (Source: Australian Museum)
Property near Theresa Creek Rd (Source: OpenStreetMaps.org)

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