Encounter #5: Pajinka Rd – Cape York

“Three (3-4-foot tall) hairy men appeared and chased him up the tree”

Yowie Encounter – Near the pajinka lodge road – cape York – qld

Year: 1999 (April)

Location: On the road to Pajinka Lodge, Cape York, QLD

Time: 4 am – Dark – Wet Season

Environment: Very remote Rainforest/Scrub

Witness was pig hunting with four mates at 4 am in the morning when they came upon a motorbike lying on the side of a remote dirt road. As they approached in their car, a young indigenous man in his early 20s climbed down from a tree and ran towards their car in a hysterical state and climbed in. As they drove off he explained that at around 9 pm the night before he was heading out to the Pajinka Lodge to visit his girlfriend when the chain came off of his motorbike. As he was trying to get the chain back on, three (3-4 foot tall) hairy men appeared and chased him up the tree. They gathered round the tree and stared at him and spoke in a language that he could not identify. He stayed in the tree until he dozed off and was awken by the witness and his mates roll up in there car.

The young man was in an hysterical state and despite them trying to calm him down he did not. They dropped him off about an hour later at his destination still in an frantic state. Witness has also spoken of strange feelings of being watched when out hunting out there. The place spooked him for years. (Report Credit: Rod Simpson)               

Pajinka Rd – North of Bamaga – QLD (Credit: OpenStreetMap.org)

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